Cervecería Centro Americana possesses the most cutting edge brewing technology in Latin America as well as impeccable controls and state of the art engineering designed to produce 3.5 million hectoliters of beer annually.

In its constant search for excellence in the brewing industry and as a part of its commitment towards its customers, Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. obtained the TUV Management Service GMBH German certifications: ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 1996, OHSAS 18001:1999.

This fact confirms why Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. is and has been a leading company, deeply rooted in the Guatemalan culture, constantly maintaining a contemporary vision to satisfy even the most demanding palates when it comes to products and consumption.
  The Beer Masters are trained and formed in Germany to assure the consistency and excellence of their beer. They demand and ensure the highest quality standards throughout the whole process beginning with the raw materials.

Hops are imported from the Yakima Valley in Washington, from a Hopsteiner Franchise and the malt is European. Denmark, Sweden and Germany are the countries where the prime raw materials are imported.

Their aging process is 30 days, which allows them to control and stabilize each and every element which composes a world class beer.
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